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The Freeform Pico

The Freeform Pico - 3D Printer
Professional desktop 3D printers, highest resolution with native XY pixel resolutions down to 27 microns and quarter-micron (250 nanometer) Z-axis servo resolution, the Pico is the highest resolution 3D printer available today.


A New 3D Printing Technology The fastest in its class, building 12 mm per hour at 25 µm slice resolution and 48 mm per hour at 100 µm slice resolution.
Award Winner The Asiga Pico is the winner of the MJSA's “Looking Ahead Award” in 2012 for the best new technology and hailed as “a game changer” for the American Jewelry industry
The Freeform Pico
Solid State UV LED The Pico is the first 3D printer to use a solid state UV LED light source. The LED lifetime is up to 50,000 hours and is not a consumable, unlike other systems. The result is consistent performance from layer to layer, day after day, year after year. UV light allows broader materials choices, including water-clear and pure white materials.
Widest Material Capability Sliding Separation technology permits the widest material processing capability of any 3D printer in its class. Wax polymers for investment casting, biocompatible polymers for prosthetics, and tough plastics for durable functional parts are just the beginning.


Build Size X Y, Z*30 x 40 x 76mm*
Pixel Size X,Y39 microns
Accuracy0.5 pixel per centimetre
Z ControlVariable in 1 micron increments
Light SourceUV LED
File InputsSTL & SLC
SoftwareComposer Included. PC, Linux, Mac.
Network Compatibility10/100 Ethernet
Industry SectorsJewelry, Dental, General
System Size220 x 225 x 505mm
System Weight10Kg
Packaged Size/WeightPackaged Size/Weight
Power100~240V (50~60Hz) 2A MAX


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