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EinScan-Pro Multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanner
EinScan-Pro may rapidly obtain the 3D data of the real objects to the computer, including human body as well as freeform surface objects. Equipped with texture scan function, EinScan-Pro is capable of capturing the full-color 3D data of the object. EinScan-Pro adopts the ergonomic design and the weight is only 0.8kg, which is quite light and portable, also fit for long-time handheld 3D scan. EinScan-Pro can output the closed 3D data that is available to be used for 3D printing or reverse engineering directly.


Handheld 3D Scan EinScan Pro is a multi functional handheld 3d scanner, satisfying the needs for portable scan and high-accuracy scan.
Automatic Scan Automatic scan: matched with full-automatic table, the 360 degree scan takes only 1.5 minutes.
Free Scan Free scan: fix the scan head to the tripod to realize the free scan.



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